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The world's leading companies like Amazon, Vimeo and Facebook are thriving by creating accessible applications that benefit everyone. However, many companies treat the diverse needs of their users and the accessibility of their web and mobile apps as an afterthought. Don't miss a critical opportunity to become a category leader.


Leveraging User Research to Create the AMI-tv App

The need for companies to build accessible products goes far beyond legislated compliance. In collaboration with Accessible Media Inc., TWG built the first and only video app specifically for the visually impaired. Check out how we made it happen in Building for the Blind. Read our latest blog and learn the top ten reasons you should be building accessible apps.

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Discover the Benefits of Building Accessible Products with TWG

We're a software innovation consultancy that helps companies build truly accessible apps from the ground up. We leverage interaction-based (IB) personas -- persona types developed by TWG’s User Research team specifically to build accessible apps. To find out more about IB personas and learn more about how we apply user research and human-centred design universal design principles to build powerful products that can be used by anyone, get in touch today.

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